Submission Guidelines

Types of presentations

The presentations in 2019 ISIDC will follow these publication tracks:
  • Academic Research: manuscripts focusing on theoretical development and empirical research in Service Innovation Design future education
  • Industry Insight: case studies portraying the industry know-how and current practice in Service Innovation Design future education
  • Global Perspective: local decisions, policies, actions that can provide enlightenment to the global development of Service Innovation Design future education

Abstract Submission Method

2019 ISIDC invites academics, industry practitioners, and government representatives to submit an abstract of 250 words of their presentations.
  • Academic Research: the abstract should include the background, objective(s), method, main findings, and research implications of the study.
  • Industry Insight: the abstract should include a brief background, the importance, main findings, discussions, and practical implications of the case.
  • Global Perspective: the abstract should include the background, descriptions on local decisions/policies/actions, and the impact and contribution to service innovation design.

Review Process

All submissions will be evaluated by a reviewing committee (peer-review). If your abstract is accepted by the review committee and you complete the conference registration procedure by the specified deadline, your submission will be scheduled in an appropriate session for oral presentation at the conference. All full papers will be covered in the 2019 ISIDC proceedings.

Downloading Abstract & Full paper
  • Abstract Template
  • Full Paper Template
※ Full paper manuscript must be within 6 pages and even number.


Uploading Abstract & Full paper
  • Submit Abstract (Abstract Due : 2019, 17th of May)
  • Submit Full Paper (Full Paper Due : 2019, 21th of June)